3:15PM – 3:30PM

A professional firefighter since 1987, works a demanding 10/14 roster, dedicating 48 hours per week to his crucial role. From donning his firefighter’s uniform to transitioning into his real estate suit, Trevor seamlessly balances two worlds & careers.

His career as a trusted and well-known agent is built on empathy, local knowledge, and strong connections. As a resident of Cheltenham’s Golden Triangle since 1997, Trevor has woven himself into the community fabric. His financial security rests on decades of real estate investment and firsthand experience.

When Trevor engages with vendors and buyers, his passion is palpable. His understanding of the market extends beyond data—it’s rooted in having bought, sold, lived, and invested in the area for over two decades. As a fully licensed agent with technical acumen, he navigates negotiations with finesse.

But there’s more to Trevor: his grounding force. As a firefighter, he remains connected to the pulse of the real estate industry, ensuring a holistic perspective.

In summary, Trevor Bowen embodies dedication, expertise, and community spirit—a true local agent with a heart for both fire and homes.

Trevor Bowen has been to the Danger Zone!