3:00PM – 3:15PM

Shaye Wallis is a key figure in the expansion of Wiseberry Property Management, skillfully overseeing a portfolio of over 2500 properties and guiding a diverse team of 30, including growth specialists. 

Her leadership journey is marked by embracing both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. With a strong emphasis on people, Shaye prioritises adaptability, curiosity, and continuous evolution within herself, her team, and the broader business.

 This commitment to excellence positions her as a visionary leader in the dynamic property management sector, aiming to propel Wiseberry to new heights in the industry, enhance team collaboration, and elevate client experiences. By championing a culture of continuous improvement and aligning company culture with strategic objectives, Shaye underscores the belief that true success stems from a cohesive and forward-thinking organisational ethos. Her approach ensures Wiseberry remains a leader in its market, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation.