2:20PM – 2:40PM

Samantha McLean is the founder of Elite Agent, an independent and forward-thinking media company on a mission to elevate the real estate industry through hype-free news, education, and community building. 

Under Samantha’s leadership, Elite Agent has received significant recognition, including two Mumbrella Business Magazine of the Year awards. Samantha herself is a three-time recipient of Mumbrella’s Business Magazine Editor of the Year title, showcasing her exceptional leadership and industry impact.

As Elite Agent moves into its second decade, Samantha is passionate about exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate. While she believes that AI can provide productivity gains and competitive advantages, Samantha emphasises the importance of leveraging the time saved to focus on the irreplaceable human elements of the business.  

With her forward-thinking approach and commitment to industry advancement, Samantha is a driving force in the real estate sector, inspiring professionals to embrace innovation while maintaining a strong focus on human connections.