2:20PM – 2:40PM

Samantha Xerri (nee Macri) exemplifies leadership and innovation in property management. A career transitioning from a Property Officer through to Head of Property Management for a major Franchise, and now thriving as a Property Management Coach, Trainer, and Consultant, Samantha significantly influences both start-up and established real estate professionals, and businesses. Her adeptness at identifying inefficiencies and fostering team cohesion has expedited processes and maximised outcomes for clients and businesses alike. 

Samantha’s profound understanding of individual team member psychology is crucial for implementing change, whether in technology, people, processes or growth. Training with Sam is anything but boring, with experiential learning to create curiosity for knowledge and improvement is her winning approach. 

Her development of a pioneering program that transforms novices into competent Property Managers within ten weeks is a testament to her method’s effectiveness. This program not only highlights her commitment to professional development but also solidifies her status as a visionary in property management training and consultation.