11:55AM – 12:10PM

Fiona Blayney is CEO & Founder of the highly successful consultancy, training, accredited education and outsourced Trust Accounting business Real+. Since 2003, she has developed a reputation for being one of the best business strategy, talent and growth specialists around.

Fiona’s energetic and motivational presence has ensured her popularity at industry events. She regularly performs keynote presentations, seminars, workshops, facilitated panels and acts as MC for many of the leading industry groups both in Australia and abroad.

Crowned Australia’s Estate Agency Thought Leader, Fiona is widely known for her no holds barred approach, she believes her role is to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and in general “break stuff” then work with her clients to rebuild in new purposeful ways. 

Whether she is on a stage, building a strategy with a start up, coaching a leader, or mentoring a veteran through their exit programme, Fiona is a chameleon of talent.