12:15PM – 12:30PM

Chris Gilmour, celebrated for 18 years in real estate with over $6M in GCI, is a three-time REIQ Salesperson of the Year (2021-2023). Renowned for representing elite clients, including sports stars and V8 Supercar drivers, Chris excels in meeting diverse client needs with his versatile skill set. His commitment extends beyond professional success to significant community service, reflecting his dedication to positive impact.

Distinguished by relentless dedication, savvy negotiation, integrity, and innovative marketing, Chris has carved a niche in the competitive real estate landscape. He is known for exceptional client service and fostering lasting relationships, consistently driving record-setting sales. Chris Gilmour is the owner and founder of All Properties Group, winner of the REIQ Agency of the year in 2023.

Chris’s passion for knowledge-sharing has made him an influential mentor within the real estate community. He adeptly simplifies complex concepts, offering practical advice through workshops, seminars, and coaching, thus empowering professionals to thrive. His contributions underscore a career not only marked by personal achievements but also by enriching the professional growth of others in the industry.