12:30PM – 12:45PM

Blake Mariner’s career trajectory is a narrative of relentless pursuit of growth and excellence within the real estate sector. His role as a Business Development Manager at Highland Property is marked by an outstanding achievement in securing over 40 property managements monthly, demonstrating his adeptness at identifying and capitalising on growth opportunities. In recognition of his exceptional performance, Blake received the BDM of the Year award at the 2024 REB Awards for Excellence.

Mariner’s transition from the fitness industry to real estate has showcased his adaptability and dynamic approach, making significant contributions to his team’s success and client satisfaction. His philosophy of living and breathing growth every day is not only about professional achievements but also about fostering strong client relationships and teamwork. 

Blake’s commitment to excellence is further evidenced by his balanced approach to professional dedication and personal relaxation, emphasising the importance of well-being alongside professional success.