12:10PM – 12:25PM

Bec Turner, at Ray White AKG, has charted an impressive trajectory over two decades in real estate, rising from Property Manager to Head of Investment Management. Her tenure is marked by an astonishing achievement: personally securing 1500 new managements since 2019, with a yearly peak of 535 managements. 

Excelling not only in business development but also in leadership, Bec is currently guiding her team of Business Development Managers towards exponential growth. 

Turner’s leadership extends to mentoring a dynamic team of Business Development Managers, aiming for sustained exponential growth through a blend of consistent strategy, determination, and hard work. 

Her formula for success hinges on deep client relationships, surpassing expectations, and a foundation of integrity, honesty, and consistency. This approach underscores the critical role of solid relationships in achieving remarkable results, setting a high benchmark in the property management sphere.